Friday, June 24, 2011

"tense conversation"

“Where do you think you’re going?” “Wherever we want Agnes, places you can’t go, places for those of a lighter foot.” “Is that some sort of crack about my weight?” “The truth be told, you are kind of heavy.”

“Who do you think you are? We have been together for years, you are just the newest fancy, he won’t give me up for the likes of you.” “Oh probably not you are good for the children, and he is fond of you, but I can go on grander adventures. He’ll leave you at home with the kids the dog, the appliances. . .”

“ Are you implying that he does not care for those things anymore, he loves his family, he likes spending time with them, and I make that happen.” “I think you might be exaggerating your influence on his choices, he is a creature of opportunity, and when the possibility of a wilder experience presents itself, he will be sharing it with me.”

“Share? Really, you think he sees you that way? Use. You are nothing but a tool to him, shiny and new, but you too will age and mildew. The cat pisses on you once or twice and he will be leaving without you so don’t be so sure of yourself Kelty your days are numbered, you are not the first little half dome to come through these garage doors. I heard him talking about those new bivy sacks at REI, he was intrigued.” “Maybe so Big Agnes, but I get to go motorcycle camping in the mountains this weekend, and you get to stay here on the shelf. So I am going to enjoy my place in the sun.” “Sun? It’s June in the Pacific Northwest. It will probably rain.”


mews said...

I know I should have tried to resist, but I have a weakness for bad puns

Dana L. said...

Margaret, you're awesome! Good story!