Friday, June 3, 2011

I raise mine eyes unto the hills

It's a quote I always get wrong: "I raise my eyes up to the mountains from whence comes my salvation". Probably because down deep I don't really believe in Salvation. Oh, yes, inspiration, and even rescue but not really salvation. I don't know what it is about mountains though. I can be having a down, dirty, hot, sweaty day - cranky as all hell - and "raise my eyes" to the mountains and be refreshed, even if only for a moment. I could babble on about how monolithic and eternal they are, etc. etc. I could even go "gollum" for a moment and contemplate the deep dark secrets that must live in the roots of the misty mountain.

But really, when it boils down to it, I just really love mountains. I love the seaside, but I fear it, too as should anyone who has contemplated the destructive capabilities of the ocean. I admire the ocean, the waters and the tides but I could not live among them. I could live in the mountains. I've thought about it - just packing up and moving deep into the hills, disappearing from the sight of men into some hidden valley but really, I'm a social beast and it would not last. Because, after all, you bring your demons with you... and to live alone with them in the hollow hills would probably be something that not even the mountains could salve.

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