Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tense Conversation - 6/23/11

"I can't do it."
"Neither can I."

"Okay, goddammit, I COULD do it, but I don't WANT to. It's your turn."
"I do it all the time!"
"No you don't."
"I hate talking to them!!"
"So do I!"

Silence hung like a pendulum over the two people on the couch. The Dutch analog clock softly ticked away the seconds while they pointedly avoided looking at each other.

"Damn it, why don't we take turns?"
"Why don't we just not do it at all?!"
"You know I want this! Why do you always change your mind?"
"What the fuck does THAT mean?"

Finally, he leaned forward. "You know we have nothing here, right? We have to do this."
She nodded. "You do it, then."

He picked up the square device, punched in some numbers.
"Hello, Pizza Hut?"


Shawn said...

So, you guys have had that conversation too huh?

sueb said...

Oh and us, too.. amazing how hard it can be to pick up a phone lol