Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Narrator free

Just as he and his friends were about to leave the micro brew festival Kirk, reaching into his coat pocket realized he had 3 more beer tokens to spend. It seemed a shame, bordering on heresy, not to trade them in on 3 more glasses of beer. So, as his friends said their goodbyes he made his way off in search of new beers he was unlikely to find in the local stores.

It was Father's Day and as was the tradition he was at the annual micro brew fest, in the park but a short walk from his house. What was not a tradition was that, due to his family having various other commitments, he was batching it this Father's Day.

On this particular day he stayed much longer and drank far more beer samples than he typically did. He made small talk with strangers chatting with a casual air of beer and music, weather and ...well, beer. He listened to a live band and spoke with them afterwards. And on this particular day a drunk and charming young woman - in truth more drunk than charming - made the day of this nearly 48 year old man.

Kirk was walking towards a group of fellow beer enthusiasts when one of them, an attractive young woman with sunglasses and dressed for summer, fell to the grass. Or, laid down with a beer-assisted lack of coordination. She laughed and seemed fine so he continued to walk past. Then she waved him over and patted the ground suggesting he lay down beside her and look at the clouds. On this particular day he had had enough beer to laugh and lay down to see what she was looking at. As it turned out, nothing at all. Kirk look into the sky. The clouds were a solid layer of overcast gray; no shapes, no birds, no planes. This chick was wasted. Kirk laughed and thinking he felt his phone vibrate pulled it from his pocket. Turned out to only be the vibration of the music coming from the stage nearby and he put it away. But not before the woman cast him a disapproving glare. Whatever she was trying to say was drowned out by the music and Kirk decided it best to move on.

Later he ran into the girl once again and this time she had a friend in tow. Kirk took the opportunity to apologize for the phone thing feeling as if he had shown her disrespect. She hadn't given it a second thought. However, her new-found friend thought it prudent to strike up a pleasant conversation with Kirk for what was clearly a covert way of saying, "Dude, I have dibs on the drunk chick". While the drunk chick in question draped herself on the brewer pulling beer for customers Kirk and "her friend" exchanged pleasantries until Kirk excused himself and walked back towards the stage his eyes tearing from the effort not to laugh. When to a safe distance he pulled his phone and pretended to read a text to explain away a fit of hysteria.

The walk home through the woods offered him several more cameos into drunken scenes as small groups of party-goers made their way through the state park - hopefully NOT to their cars. It had been quite a Father's Day on this particular day.


Shawn said...

eh, at a loss for anything else, I described my Father's Day

Sean said...

Overall a pretty good effort at the challenge; I would say that the sentence, "a casual air of beer and music, weather and...well, beer" is very conversational and therefore makes the reader aware of the storyteller, but the rest of it sounds very descriptive rather than conversational...