Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rosebush - 5/12/11

That rose bush had been there forever...and I mean forever.It was huge. It sprawled out like a hydra, and like a hydra, every time anyone tried to prune it, it just grew back bigger and stronger. Eventually, we left it to it's own devices, and it sprawled over that entire corner of the yard, and even through the fence into the pasture.

In the springtime, man, I could smell it across the whole farm. Especially after it rained, when that dense, dreamy rose smell covered everything like a blanket, and I felt the irresistable urge to lie down in the grass next to it and nap until suppertime.

You ever seen a fairy?

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought, that first time I woke up and found one perched on my chest, licking the tip of my nose like a cat and purring - growling? - under it's breath. NOT normal! Luckily, I have the habit of becoming paralyzed when I'm scared to death, so I didn't startle it too much when I woke up. Also, I wasn't convinced that I wasn't dreaming. I took a cross-eyed look at it - wow! Huge eyes that reminded me of a preying mantis - kind of set off to the sides a little, and squeezed tight while it licked my face. Little monkey fingers that ended in some serious looking claws, a tiny chin, ears like a cat, and thatch of reddish-brown hair. Tiny, blunt little nose, and - oh my god - some serious little pointy fangs. And a cute, scratchy little tongue. Also, it was wearing some sort of clothes - something that looked like a single piece of silk, draped and tied almost carelessly, with a loop thrown over it's head. Cute. And extremely scary.

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