Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Not exactly Marakesch is it?" remarked Cody as he and Antonia wandered among the tables in the basement of King of Kings Lutheran. There was the usual assortmentof crocheted baby blankets in the garish colors of the Kresges discount shelf, the the plastic grocery bag caddy, the handmade wooden puzzles and the painted wooden trucks that could really use a little more sanding. There were embroidered tablerunners, some faux stained glass praying hands and crosses, the needle point in the handmade frames, dolls with painted faces, and dried flower arrangement absolutely everywhere. Cody chuckled and sneered "Hey Antonia, your birthday is coming up, how about a toilet paper cozy?" "Don't be such a bitch Cody, come on lets go over to the bake sale my Aunt makes these toffee squares to die for."

"Hey Cody, come here, you need to take a closer at the wares, there's magic in them.". The speaker was a gentleman who seemed vaguely out of place. He was a dapper Asian man in a three piece suit with a dress shirt with French cuffs. His cufflinks were homemade fused glass his tie was handmade red silk. His voice was soft and and mildly accented. He stood before a display of latch hook rugs. Some were portraits of pop culture icons, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, rock stars. Some of the rugs were abstract pieces, one was an abstract piece in many shades of gray with hundreds of googly eyes. The eyes were of various sizes and they turn towards Cody and judged. "They put their hearts and souls into this, and some of it isn't very good, but you come in and shit all over their hope. Do not have a toffee square you are not worthy."

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