Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey all - Shawn and I were discussing this, and I raised the question of whether or not we should encourage readers of this blog to post comments. I know that for myself, I would love feedback on posts, but others may not feel the same. How does everyone feel about participants giving feedback on the posts? Of course, this would be with the understanding that most of us (all of us?) are not professional writers and have delicate, glasslike fragile egos so the comments would hopefully be constructive without being biting or harsh...thoughts? Answer in comments plizz...


Dana L. said...

Hey, I'm all for comments! Especially constructive stuff - suggestions are welcome, and feedback is great!

Dana L. said...

PS - I fully intend to back up and post a "True Crime" when I get a second....might be next week. Gotta good story - anyone else?

sueb said...

Nothing on True Crime but I'm heading back to do the picture.

Anonymous said...

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