Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Nice suit. I always thought red worked so well for you. But as usual you miscalculated. After all these years you still underestimated me. I watched you with so many different partners, flashy ones, conservatives, always changing up our little Saturday night get-togethers We would have to learn new names, new food preferences, new conversation gambits. How many times did I change my menu because Arthur was a vegetarian, or Evan was allergic to shellfish, was it Robert who could not eat nightshades Nightshades, really? Andrew was a pro-lifer; Walter's mother just died (suicide you stage whispered to me in the kitchen as I freshened everyones drinks); Tim's divorce was fractious and expensive so avoid any topics of conversation that involved money, paperwork or lawyers. We would just get used to your current partner, then whoops it's a whole new game.

How will she play this one, let him be the leader, or just another fresh dummy? It was exhausting just watching you. I guess that's why you thought rather than breaking in a whole new partner, you thought you would go for mine. Bold move, you knew just the way to turn his head, we rarely go clubbing, I have never been one to flash diamonds. Tricky. But Loretta, Randy and I have been together 15 years, we have three kids. He cried when he confessed about your tryst. Loretta, you have been outbid, my five hearts trump your pretty diamond shaved cooch. Loretta said not a word as she lay broken beneath the underpass. She never could beat me at bridge.

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